APSIM project aims to create an innovative application of localized simulation, offering the opportunity to the visitors of Greek Archaeological Sites (as well as other users) to enjoy a new-age experience of visit! One will be able to delve into the history of each site, using his personal smarthphone, exploring each monument as it was during its creation, opening literally a window into past!

Until now, localized simulation technology applications required user’s physical presence at the implementation site. However, APSIM project will implement new techniques allowing remote users to have the same visiting experience as the actual visitors.

Two prominent archaeological sites and one important museum have been selected to test the localized simulation application: the Archaeological Site of Delos, the Excavation of Dion of Pierias and the Epigraphic Museum of Athens.

Epigraphic Museum

Presentation of The Epigraphic Museum

Archaeological Site of Delos

Presentation of The Archaeological Site of Delos

Excavation of Dion Pieria

Presentation of The Excavation of Dion Pieria