Project Goal

The APSIM project aims to promote the Greek culture using innovative technologies, assisting both the general public and the new generations to get familiar and love the archaeological wealth of Greece. Using an Augmented Reality (AR) application, visitors of archaeological sites and museums will have the opportunity to enjoy a completely different tour-experience in the archaeological sites, resembling one of a video gaming! In particular, the visitors, using their smartphone, will be able to admire the exhibits they select in their original form. They will be able to move and rotate their device, enjoying an interactive visiting experience.

Archaeological Sites
0 Months
Project Duration
Project Budget

The Pilot Sites

Epigraphic Museum

Presentation of The Epigraphic Museum

Archaeological Site of Delos

Presentation of The Archaeological Site of Delos

Excavation of Dion Pieria

Presentation of The Excavation of Dion Pieria

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