On October 14, 2022, APSIM partners from ICCS, GEOANALYSIS S.A. and COMIC, visited the Archaeological site of Delos, under the guidance of Mr. Vakoulis of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades, with the aim of selecting the exhibits for the 3D representation of the archaeological site of Delos in APSIM’s application.

From the I-SENSE research group of ICCS, the project managers of APSIM, Anastasios Katsikas and Nikolaos Desypris, were present, while from COMIC’s side, Mr. Giorgos Loumos and from GEOANALYSIS S.A. Mrs. Ada Papaharisi.

Mr. Vakoulis, archaeologist and permanent member of the excavation team of the Archaeological Site of Delos, presented in detail the excavation of the archaeological site, mentioning its peculiarities. Following that, partners visited the area of the Propylaea and the temple of Apollo where the user’s route was defined. The group then visited the area with the Naxian Lions, the House of Dionysus and the Theatre.

The appointment at the archaeological site of Delos has been renewed for GEOANALYSIS S.A. which will carry out a follow-up technical visit with a special team, in November, with the aim of capturing the area around the user’s route with the use of drones.